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Reference Number: PHC22-136684
Work Area: St. Paul's - Main Entrance Screener Tent (outdoor)
Job Categories: Acute Care Hospital
Status: Temporary Part Time (0.54 FTE)
Location: St Paul's Hospital
As per the current Public Health Orders (Long Term Care/Seniors Assisted Living Provincial Health Order and the Health Sector Order), as of October 26, 2021, all employees working for Providence Health Care must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination status will be required.


Within the context of a client and family centered model of care and, in accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values, and strategic directions of Providence Health Care, the person promotes a safe, respectful, and civil working environment for patients, residents, families, visitors and staff.

Reporting to the Leader or designate, the Screener performs a variety of duties supporting the maintenance of specific procedures for health care site access, safety, and infection prevention and control related to the orders of the Chief Medical Health Officer.

The position’s duties include greeting and communicating with individuals accessing the site such as patients, employees, visitors, authorized delivery services, and contractors, to ensure their attendance at the site is essential; providing information regarding entrance guidelines and restrictions and making sure individuals adhere to the restrictions.

The Site Greeter/Screener asks these individuals questions regarding potential symptoms using established and provided scripts, provides non-surgical masks to them as needed, provides reminders on correct donning of non-surgical masks, and takes digital temperature reading if required, and effectively reinforces site hand-hygiene and safe physical distancing practices in accordance with established procedures/guidelines. Completes staff screening tracking forms.

Accepts approved items for patients from family members delivered at door as per established guidelines. Wipes down work area surfaces such as tables, thermometers, elevator buttons, hand-sanitizer stations as per established guidelines.


  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to deal with others effectively.
  • Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.
  • Ability to organize work.
  • Ability to operate related equipment.


Grade 12, one years’ recent, related health care or community social service sector experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Previous experience in a client-facing/customer service role is an asset


Verifies the identity of individuals presenting at site entrances through respectful direct communication and confirms if their access to the site is essential based on established guidelines by methods such as:

  • Checking employee identification and confirming working relationship to the site;
  • Asking/determining if the individual has an health care appointment at site
  • Confirming if the individual has approved visitor access status as per Public Order Guidelines; or,
  • For delivery services and contractors, confirming authorized business purpose for visiting site/unit.
Requests that Staff or Volunteers who are newly hired or have been absent from the facility for 14 days or more, complete the COVID-19 Enhanced Staff Screening Questionnaire.

Screens all individuals entering site by asking questions following established symptom screening question scripts. Provides non-surgical mask, as needed, as per guidelines. If required at site, takes staff temperatures in accordance with established procedure.

At applicable LTC sites, completes Staff Screening Tracking form for staff with self-reported symptoms and refers staff to Covid-19 Testing site, and informs them to self-isolate at home pending results as per established procedure.

Directs all individuals to hand-sanitizer stations and makes sure they use hand-sanitizer before entering and exiting a site. Reinforces and emphasizes established infection prevention protocols, personal protective equipment (PPE) usage and criteria, and proper hand hygiene techniques.

Using effective communication skills, explains site access restrictions to individuals and enforces restrictions and follows relevant safety/security procedures and violence prevention/de-escalation orientation. As necessary, immediately engages security personnel according site procedures. Provides written information/ handouts to visitors.

Reminds individuals to adhere to safe physical distance guidelines when waiting in line for screening, at site entrances, and waiting for elevators, etc.
Assists with way finding by directing individuals to areas such as main desk/communication desk.

Reports safety and security incidents to Coordinator or designate and other site personnel as required and in accordance with established protocols.

At the beginning of each shift, liaises with security personnel to obtain access to required rooms and supplies. Sets up workstation and supplies following prescribed sanitization procedures. Maintains communication logs if required.

Follows current direction and criteria for own usage (donning and doffing) of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand-hygiene.

Following hand-hygiene procedures, accepts approved types items for residents/patients delivered at the door from family members. Provides information to families regarding guidelines regarding acceptable items and restrictions. Delivers items to nursing unit at end of shift.

May be required to assist with accompanying and transporting of residents/patients having mobility or cognitive impairments, as directed by the receiving unit.

Sanitizes visitation table before and after each visit, may need to accompany visitor to space where resident visit will occur. Sanitizes items dropped off to give to residents.

Maintains a clean workspace by following established cleaning procedures including wiping down areas and equipment such workstations, thermometers, elevator buttons, hand sanitizer stations, pens, and phones with provided disinfectant wipes.

Sorts and files forms and documents as required.

Performs other related duties as assigned.